Concrete Flag Driveways in Altrincham

Concrete Flag Driveways in Altrincham

Concrete-flag-driveways are great for all homes as they can be designed uniquely for each home and can suit all styles of houses.

Block Paving Specification in Altrincham

Block Paving Specification in Altrincham

As we can offer you a range of styles, sizes, colours and textures of the flags, we can work with you to find the perfect designed driveway for your home.

Concrete Paving in Altrincham

Concrete Paving in Altrincham

As concrete is known for being hard wearing and weather resistant, it is the perfect option for a driveway.

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Concrete Flag Driveways in Altrincham

Our experts can install concrete flag driveways in Altrincham WA14 2 for many domestic properties. They can be designed and created to suit you as there are a range of sizes, textures and colours that you can choose from.

As they are a decorative feature, they can transform the appearance of a home to suit the style of the house and be perfect for both modern and contemporary homes. We only use quality materials to ensure that your driveway is durable and hard wearing in all weather conditions. As expert installers we can apply the driveway perfectly for all homes across the UK, which can last a long period of time with very litle upkeep. If you'd like to find out more details regarding the concrete-flag driveways we install, then please complete the contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.


What are Concrete Flag Driveways?

A concrete-flag driveway is a decorative surfacing that is durable and visually pleasing for any home. They are popular due to the range of styles, availability, relatively inexpensive and sustainable materials, which makes it a great driveway option. Another similar specification is block paving and this is something we can also install. Concrete flags can be a permeable paving which means water is able to drain through, which reduces the chances of flooding occurring. However it does need occasional maintenance to keep it in a good condition as weeds are able to grow through the gaps holding together the flags.

To prevent this from occurring you need to regularly brush and clean your surface, however this could remove some sand under the flags, which could then leave you with an uneven surface. We recommend other surface options such as resin bound which requires very little upkeep, however concrete flags can still be a great option as they have many positive aspects. If you would like further details about concrete flags we can provide and install, please contact us via the form at the top of the page and we will reply back as quickly as we can.


How to Install Concrete Flags in Altrincham

To install a concrete flag driveway you may need the help of our experts who have years of experience carrying out these jobs. These steps should be followed to ensure that you get the best outcomes possible when it comes to installing a block paving drive to your home or surrounding areas.

  1. Dig up your current driveway
  2. Apply a subbase of your choice
  3. Screed a layer of sand and make sure it's even
  4. Apply the flags in the chosen pattern
  5. Sweep sand over the surfacing to fill the gaps

To find out more regarding the installation process of concrete flags driveways in Altrincham, please fill in the enquiry form and a member of our local team closest to you will contact you as soon as possible.

Price of Installing Concrete Flags Near Me

The cost of installing flag paving nearby can vary for many reasons. The main factor that will impact the cost for the surfacing is the area size of the driveway.  Obviously if you have a larger driveway, the cost of instalment will be higher due to more materials being used, however the cost per square metre will be less due to economies of scale. We use only the best quality flags which does increase our prices, but this guarantees you a high quality drive that is long lasting and perfect for you. An alternative surface type is imprinted concrete, this is made from a similar material but it includes a more decorative design To receive an accurate quote for the pricing of installing a driveway for your home, please use our contact box and we will get in touch asap.

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