Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

Gates are great for domestic homes as they add privacy and security whilst still being attractive in appearance.

Gate Installers

Gate Installers

We are able to install gates to any home across the UK, quickly and easily which are long lasting and visually pleasing.

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Driveway Gates

Driveway gates are great for many domestic areas because they provide security, privacy and also can have an attractive appearance which is why a lot of people choose to have them installed. Many individuals choose to install them if their drive is near a road as they might have young children who could get onto the road if they were playing outside. Another reason could also be that they have pets, such as dogs who they don't want escaping onto a road. Having a gate means that individuals can let their pets out into their garden without worrying that they could run off.


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What is an Automatic Gate?

An automatic gate is operated by a machine to open and close an entrance. They can be operated by either hydraulics or an electromechanical device. They should have a sensor on them so that if an object is obstructing the entrance, they will not shut. This is for safety reasons.

Automatic Gates Near Me

These type of gates are able to be installed at a variety of facilities, such as homes, offices, security establishments, private properties and many more. There are many options and designs to choose from when thinking about getting an electric gate installed at your property. It can depend on what the purpose of getting the automatic gate fitted is. Many people have new driveway designs installed and want to renovate the whole thing with a new driveway gates system. If it's for your home or surrounding area, then a lot of people will try and choose a design which is more decorative, attractive and goes with their house. Whereas secure establishments will normally want a more solid option as it might be there for the privacy reasons. When these are being set up, the operators can be programmed to shut after a certain amount of time but it is necessary to have sensors which make sure they do not shut if an object is blocking the way.

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Driveway Gate Installers

We are local specialist driveway gate installers closest to you and we are able to work nationwide. As we are professionals in this industry, we have completed many projects in a variety of designs and for a range of purposes. There are many people in the UK who claim to be experts but do not have the experience to carry out the jobs to a high standard. It is important to do background research on a contractor you are considering of using to make sure that they are suitable for the job. If you employ a company who are not professionals, it can cause further problems because the gates might not be installed to the correct safety standards and suitable specifications.

Wooden Driveway Gates Near Me

Another popular choice which we get asked about as nearby driveway gate installers, is a wooden gate. These can be either electric or manual. Some people prefer the look of these styles because they are suitable for their building. When you think about wooden gates, please be aware that this does not have to be a standard 5 bar type, it could be solid wood as well which are great for modern properties. Depending on the type of driveway surfacing you have there are many different types of gate to choose from. It is recommended to only have the solid kin if they are electric, this is because they will be heavy to push and pull to open and close. If you want a gate which looks more natural, then a 5 bar is good and this are suitable to have either both electric and manual, it just depends what you are wanting to get installed.

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